Chief Financial Officer – Henish Patel

Henish, the vibrant wizard of the Marg, is the perfect example of ‘systemized elements’ at their best.

Henish, in his area of expertise, can be termed as ‘Credit’ to the Non-Banking Finance Company in India and surely one of finest assets at the same time. He is CFO at Marg having 9+ years of experience. His upper hand over tax management saves a lot of bucks for the company. Being an advocate, as per educational qualification, helps the company to excel in handling legal terms. With thorough knowledge in accounting, he is master in playing with the business transactions and maintaining them appropriately for further use.

His perfection in accounting& compliances also ensures his love and passion towards the numbers. Be it any financial matter or problem, Henish always has the best solution to settle them. Wonder if there can be any accounting thing that he is not aware of.

The company consider him as in-house finance minister and look towards him for all related matters, queries, problems and everything. His dedication towards the job makes him the most eligible candidate for his seat.