The organization has come up with a modest facility in Surat where trainees can stay and board. The residence, food and conference facilities are normally packaged for a fair price, keeping in view the clients mostly women from economically disadvantaged communities across the state and the neighbouring provinces. .


“Poverty issues and the role of micro finance institutions” is a pet training programme conducted by Marg Techno-Projects Ltd. as the demand for jobs in the field is rising especially among the inspired youth.


Training is a core activity primarily to share skills with all stake holders including the end-user beneficiaries.

Training being an ongoing process, innovative and customer friendly methods are continuously devised.

The company employs involves in-house as well as external resource persons to hone and improve the skills of the directors, administrators,field officials and the financial customers who are predominantly women. More than economic and financial orientation, the women solidarity groups (SHGs and JLGs) are sensitized to critical aspects of community building and upkeep of cultural values.

The groups are encouraged through training and exposure exercises to promote :
  • Education
  • Good health including nutrition, sanitation
  • Cleaner environment including plantation and organic farming, Micro enterprise including.
  • Market linkage and salesmanship
  • Basic management techniques.
  • Group solidarity
  • Rights and Entitlements
  • Good governance.practices

The skill-sharing exercises are carried out systematically across the
Constituencies to make everyone aware of the socio-political environment at large affecting their lives in a big way at all times.


With growing realization of the fact that the poor loanees do need reassuring guidance and friendly conduct while facilitating as well recovering loans,Marg Techno-Projects Ltd. has come up with a novel crash course for all kinds of microfinance operators ranging between founders,promoters and the community field-worker placed in the outermost periphery of the operation system.

      • Poverty Issues
      • Poverty alleviation initiatives
      • RURAL-URBAN locations : Different Situations and circumstances
      • Micro credit
      • Marketing
      • PR & Liaison

Connecting with the poor :

    • Reassuring and trust-building
    • Loan Disbursal,Delivery
    • Client-Friendly Recovery